About Us

With many years of experience implementing JD Edwards ERP systems, and applying the proven methodical steps to implementation success, we pride ourselves on the quality of services our clients have received since our founding through Columbia Technical Consulting, Inc. in 2001. JDE Resource Services branched off from CTCI in 2011 to become a separate service provider.

Whether you are looking for guidance and support on your JD Edward’s implementation, support on troubleshooting system issues, upgrade strategy planning, staff augmentation, consulting on business practices and processes, remote systems support, or JD Edward’s training, we have the talent on board to assist your company with quality JD Edwards services.

Our Approach

At JDE Resources, we follow our proven delivery methodology from start-to finish. First, we strategize with our clients to plan and architect a solution that meets business and budget requirements. Next, we create the solution with our clients, to deliver results quickly and at a lower cost than typical large consulting firms. 

Our Differentiator

Industry Experience
At JDE Resource Services, not only do you bring in solid experienced JD Edwards consultants, but you also bring in  industry specialists who have ‘been there and done that’ with expert knowledge of best practices. They have been in your shoes, they understand your challenges, and they have applied the successful solutions. Many JDE Resource consultants have had management roles in; manufacturing, IT, human resources, distribution, and finance from various industries; manufacturing, distribution, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, consumer electronics, and more.

JDE Resource specialists have the solid background industry experience that will benefit your JD Edwards implementation by starting out of the gate with a base general understanding of your industry processes, best practices, requirements, and system solution options for an efficient implementation.

Knowledge Transfer
We not only transfer JD Edward’s system knowledge and best practices to our client’s, we transfer implementation knowledge from the start. We feel it is critical for your team to learn, not only the system, but the ERP methodology itself, the pit falls to avoid, the red flags to watch for, and what it takes to drive a successful ERP implementation from the starting gate to the finish line. It’s your implementation, and we assist your company in driving your project through.

Resource Pool
With our over 300 JD Edwards consulting resources in our professional network of independent JD Edwards contractors, we have the ability the tap into specific skillsets as needed to fit each client’s needs for; programming, interfaces, third party product expertise, etc.