ERP Operations Assessment Service

The JDE Resource ERP Operations Assessment Service is for companies looking to implement an ERP system in their enterprise, or companies that have already implemented ERP software, but are not getting the operating results they require. The JDE Resource ERP Operations Assessment is also for companies looking for substantial improvement in their company’s operating and financial performance.

The JDE Resource ERP Operations Assessment helps to investigate, evaluate, and measure key areas of operations. The result is a deeper understanding of key issues, problem areas, and potential solutions. The recognition of a need and definition of a problem are important first steps to establishing a strategy and defining requirements. The proper identification of viable alternatives and ideas requires logical and creative thinking with years of applied industry expertise, best practices, and a proven methodology.

JDE Resource ERP Operations Assessment Services team has refined this process through years of consulting and problem solving to insure comprehensive and thorough identification of root causes and effective solutions. We understand an iterative process is required to insure the most effective and timely means to the solution.

Recommendations are provided for short, medium, and long-term improvements. Ultimately, we are looking for ways to implement best practices and enhancements for you, to deliver the highest level of service and quality while maximizing the use of operations resources through the elimination of waste. The methods to complete the study are based on a combination of Total Quality Management (TQM), SixSigma and Lean practices.

The JDE Resource ERP Operations Assessment is typically 3-7 days in duration, depending on the size of the company’s site operations, and number of sites. Through the examination of objective evidence, based upon an Enterprise Resource Planning business model, the ERP Preparation, Implementation, and the Effectiveness of a company’s current business practices will be assessed.

Assessment Areas:

  • Business Planning
  • Demand Planning & Forecasting
  • Operations Planning
  • Master Scheduling – MPS
  • Material Requirements Planning – MRP
  • Multi-Facility Planning
  • Education & Training Plans
  • Continual Improvement Plans
  • Business Process Documentation  
  • Inventory Record Accuracy
  • Bills of Material/Formula Accuracy
  • Routing Accuracy
  • Supplier Performance
  • Daily Schedule Compliance
  • New Product Introduction

Assessment Deliverables
The assessment wrap-up is with the company’s senior management to present observations, findings, and recommendations. The output of the ERP operations assessment provides:

  • Detailed action items for best practice/business process improvement.
  • Defined process improvement task teams.
  • Implementation of key operating performance measurements to establish a habit of continual operation improvement.
  • Detailed education plan
  • Steps to Class A ERP performance.