JDE Fitness Check-Up

A significant number of mid-size companies have implemented an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. For many companies, the JD Edward’s ERP system has become the information system and backbone of the organization. As enterprises grow, business requirements change, and the JD Edwards system can support the growth and challenges of key business processes. JDE Resource services assist companies with considering available functionality and system optimization opportunities to align existing system capabilities with the change of business requirements, processes, and to identify opportunities for system improvement for continued ROI of your organization’s JD Edwards system.

JDE Resource Service offers the JDE Resource Fitness Check-up service, a services solution that can help you assess and use your existing JD Edwards system to identify and realize additional opportunities to improve operations and reduce operating costs.

The JDE Resource Fitness Check-up team has refined this process through years of consulting, solid JD Edwards product knowledge, and problem solving to insure comprehensive and thorough identification of root causes, effective solutions.

Our methodical approach looks at system issues users are experiencing, your business requirements and processes and its alignment with your JD Edward’s system. We then follow up with recommended solutions for fixes, the utilization or optimization of existing functionality, and/or utilizing new functionality available.

The JDE Resource Fitness Check-up also helps you focus your improvements on customer service by finding opportunities to reduce cycle times, improve operations and planning, and increase service levels.

Overall, the JDE Resource JDE Fitness Check-up can be the basis of your strategy that is designed to increase your company’s operational effectiveness.

 What does The JDE Resource Fitness Check-up Services Offer?

Through our numerous years of experience with JD Edwards, and with mid-size companies in many industries, JDE Resource Services has developed a structured approach to guide you through the process of evaluating your JD Edwards system and determining the short- and long-term steps you need to take to get more return from your investment, while responding to your changing business requirements.

JDE Resource consultants will work closely with your business and technology teams to identify optimal strategies and to outline the plan for extended JDE/ERP solutions.

JDE Resource consultants can help you sort through your options based on strategic business benefits to your company, your current and planned application investments, your supporting technology, your functional needs and other important factors.

JDE Resource Services offers the JDE Fitness Check-up for system optimization

Our diagnostics addresses issues facing most organization today by identifying points of optimization that can:

  • Increase the value and return on investment from your existing JD Edwards system
  • Decrease the total cost of ownership of the ERP system
  • Enable faster access to accurate management information
  • Harmonize, standardize, or redesign ERP business processes
  • Assess new features and functionality options
  • Improve integration between the JD Edwards system and other systems
  • Support collaboration with customers and business partners.

Providing an effective action plan
The JDE Fitness Check-up begins with the completion of a self assessment survey designed to measure your use, concerns, and system effectiveness of your JD Edwards system against best practices. The next step is an interview with functional and technical leads followed up with structured workshops to address concerns, issues, and optimize business input and identify comprehensive business process opportunities that potentially can contribute to increased benefits from your JD Edwards system. Such opportunities could include:

  • Improvement of business processes
  • Tighter systems alignment to business needs and strategies
  • Identification of systems that can be eliminated or replaced with ERP functionality
  • Identification of ERP functionality (modules) that can be utilized in lieu of purchasing new solutions
  • Replacement of non-standard ERP components with standard functionality
  • Implementation of ‘quick fixes’ in the existing ERP system by fine-tuning the application setup.

The project concludes with an executive workshop to review the team’s findings, recommendations, priorities, risks and benefits, and to agree to the next steps. Our methodology provides optional phased approaches for incremental improvements to the overall project keeping time commitments of your resources to a minimum.