JDE Remote Support

Remote JDE Support Services
JDE Resource Remote Support Services provide a flexible option for our customers when it comes to troubleshooting system issues or CNC outsourcing. Whether it is a system setup problem to be researched, or a CNC system assessment, system performance tune-up, or complete outsourcing of your CNC operations, we can do it all remotely and at a reasonable cost.

Remote CNC Support Services
Remote CNC is a service that more and more J.D. Edwards customers are seeking. 

Leveraging the expertise of our senior level CNC specialists, we offer this service by providing remote support to small customers who do not require fulltime resources, and large customers who require a variety of options from needing a system assessment, to staff augmentation, to complete outsourcing of CNC activities. Our goal is to maximize the benefits of your JD Edward CNC system specific to your operations and to minimize disruption and down time. This gives your organization the opportunity to focus more on your core business.

Each customer is provided with a formal support model with a Service Level Agreement that meet client requirements. This ensures each company has the best support solution possible. Our flexible delivery options and superior services ensure that your company has the best CNC solution available. 

Our JDE Resource CNC Remote Service enables you to gain the extra advantage by reducing costs and increasing your system availability. So, if you are looking for the right JD Edwards CNC expertise, JDE Resource Services is your partner for JD Edwards remote support.

Services at a Glance

  • Remote CNC administration and management
  • Readiness and performance assessments
  • CNC system performance tune-up
  • CNC architecture design and configuration
  • Advance troubleshooting
  • Package Builds, Tools Releases, Service Packs, Software Updates
  • Security audit and implementation.

Flexible Support Include:

  • Part time support
  • Issue escalation
  • Daily administration and Package Builds
  • Special Project Consultation
  • Staff Augmentation